About Dr. Braam

Underlying to years of experience, Dr. Braam has obtained his authority in the industry with an elaborate academic background.

  • Matric at High School Eldoraigne, Centurion.
  • He studied at University of Pretoria and obtained four degrees :
    • BSc (Physiology, Biochemistry)
    • MSc (Physiology)
    • MBChB
    • Psychology III
    • Post graduate courses/diplomas
      • Museology (Honours BA (Cultural History)
      • Asthma
      • Aviation Medicine
      • Cardiac Disease/ Heart Failure
      • Travel Medicine
      • Psychiatry workshops
Societies and Associations: SAAsMA (South Africa Society of Aviation Medical Examiners) ,South African Travel Medicine Society (SASTM), South African Association for sexual Health (SASHA),South African Heart Failure Association / SA Heart Society (HeFSA), Affiliated with the South African Civil Aviation Association(SACAA). He is actively involved in the community via clinical and non formal establishments.