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Travel Clinic

The travel clinic provides the traveller with all information for any destination, what you need to know from a medical perspective and what you need to take along from medication and illness perspectives. The vaccines which are compulsory can be provided and other recommended or relevant medicine requirements will be highlighted. The travel clinic also provide you with the typical risks in the areas you will be visiting. Illnesses that you should be aware of include:
  1. Malaria: Malaria is a potential fatal illness of tropical and subtropical regions. This disease is caused by a parasite which is transmitted to humans bitten by infected mosquitoes. The disease is widespread in Africa and over one million people die of malaria every year on the continent. (Mostly children under the age of five years)
  2. Yellow fever: A viral illness for which there is no cure, but there is an effective vaccine which will prevent it. This virus is transmitted by a day-time biting mosquito. Yellow fever virus continuously linger in the background in the forests and jungles of Africa, Central and South America. If this is part of your destination vaccination is vital.

Diabetes Clinic

Our medical competencies will be able to assist you with diabetics Type 1 (Type 1 diabetes happens when the cells in your pancreas stop working. A person with type 1 diabetes takes insulin injections or uses an insulin pump) and Type 2 (Type 2 diabetes happens when the beta cells still produces insulin but not enough. A person with type 2 diabetes takes tablets which helps his/her beta cells to work better. In some instances, it can also be treated with only a good diet.) You can start by answering some questions to yourself about Diabetics:
  1. What is the average of my blood glucose level? What can I derive from this value?
  2. Do I have specific symptoms that might be related to diabetics? (extreme thirst, frequent urination, weight-loss, tiredness, general aches and pains, skin problems, slow healing of cuts and wounds, frequent infections, poor vision, pins and needles, dizziness and loss of balance)
  3. Do I understand my condition? (you need to take care of yourself as with any other chronic illness. A too high or too low sugar level causes problems, as it puts additional strain on several organs)
  4. Are there any treatment options other than the one(s) I am using currently?

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